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In Year 5 we have been using Scratch to create our own interactive stories, games, and animations. Click here to play the fantastic game that Ashton and Luca created.

Here at Lyminster Primary School we believe that the Year 5 children should be given the opportunity to grow in confidence as young people both academically and personally. We aim to prepare them for their final stage of learning in primary school. We continue to help them develop as independent learners who can thrive and progress through the experiences of a wide and broad-based curriculum. We continue to develop their confidence skills and encourage them to become naturally curious learners.


Salvation - What did Jesus do to save human beings?

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test week

Posted: Apr 25, 2019 by: Millie C (cootm012) on: year 5 summer term

this week we have test week. what is too see if we got better or we need more help with some subjects.

on Tuesday we did a reading text were we have a little booklet and the test book and we read the booklet  and all the answers art in the booklet. this took 1 hour and ten minutes

on Wednesday we did two maths  but this time we had not got a booklet because its not a reading test   and on the front we had a practice page to have a little practice and it took 40 minutes each

on Thursday we did SPAG what stands for spelling punctuation and grammar and that took 40 minutes is well

on Friday we did another maths test it took 40 minutes is well 

this was a tiring week for us all hope you enjoy.

thank you for reading goodbye 


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