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Year 3

Welcome to Dahl CLASS


In Year 3, the children transition from key stage 1 to key stage 2. The topics are designed to ensure that the children are engaged and interested, whilst allowing them to explore and investigate. Learners' will be challenged to build upon their key stage one skills in order to prepare them for the rigorous teaching and learning throughout the second stage of primary school. Expectations are very high, in order for each child to achieve their best across every aspect of the curriculum. The children will be challenged in order to extend their knowledge and understanding, allowing the basic skills to be embedded and become the foundations for key stage two. 


Please see below for links to access home learning. If you require any help or resources then please email Mrs Williams via the school office - office@lyminster.w-sussex.sch.uk 


For Mathematics


Year 3 are currently learning how to tell the time and practice of this at home would really support their learning. Please find activities and information by following the Third Space Learning link. This is a website with step by step videos and worksheets (which you can print or just have a go at on paper whilst looking at them on the screen) We are working on this area of Maths but you may want to look at other areas of the website too with your child. Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using standard methods would be good to practice.



Continue to use TTRockstars to practise multiplication tables and use the new online resource MyMaths- there are lots of games on here to play plus I will set MyMaths tasks.


White Rose have published some fantastic free online Maths resources - remember that it is good to find it challenging as this means that you are learning! Write down your answers, draw diagrams and show your workings! 
Also please log on to MyMaths and TTRS as these are being updated regularly! 


For English 


The children love Free Writing and Pobble 365 has a new writing stimulus every day! There are sentence starters and prompts with each sentence and your children already use these in the classroom. Please encourage them to practice their handwriting skills whenever they are writing - the Letter Join website is available to support handwriting practice. Please keep any writing that the children do as I would love to see this when they return. 


Choose a video clip from the Literacy Shed to get your creative juices flowing! Please email any poems, stories, letters, songs or anything that you write to the school office - Mrs W would love to see it!
To continue with our learning about the magnificent Roald Dahl, explore this website to find hundreds of tasks to complete and extracts to read.


For handwriting


The username is ak3814 and the password is home.

You can also access all the other website links within the 'My Learning' area of this website under 'Useful links'. Let your child find out about and learn within an area they are interested in/a subject they enjoy or have a talent for e.g. Geography and mapwork/digital maps or History and a particular period of time that your child is interested in.


Your child can spend time revising all Year 3 and 4 spellings and checking that they know them. They can go back through their homework task sheets in their Homework Book to check all spellings.


The most valuable thing your child can do is read! Read whatever they are interested in and talk about what they read. Read together and with siblings or to younger siblings.



Mrs W has set up recorder lessons and a year 3 music project on Charanga. Please log in to view this. If you do not have your Charanga log in details then please email or contact the school office. 
This illustrator is incredible and has come up with some fantastic videos to teach you how to draw just like him! Please send Mrs W some of your illustrations  - we can add them to the website to share with your friends!
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Maths - Time

Year 3 had great fun creating their own clocks on the playground. The accurately placed the digits around the clock, used the hands to show specific times and could count on in 5 minute intervals. They loved being outside and even used their drawings when they went out at break time!

World Book Day!

Being Dahl class we could not miss the opportunity to incorporate as many characters from this amazing author's books as we possibly could! The children all made a great effort and we had a fantastic day. They joined with pupils from other classes and wrote short stories, made bookmarks and entered a book token competition! Which characters can you spot?

Mysterious Mayans

Year 3 are looking at Mayan civilization this half term and were fascinated by Mayan masks and what they represented. As a take home task the pupils were asked to create their own mask and explain what all of the features mean, as if they were Mayans living in Mesoamerica. The results were absolutely brilliant!

USA Travel Brochures

Year 3 have been studying the landscape, landmarks and climate of a variety of locations across the USA. Using real travel brochures as inspiration, the children chose the place that hey wanted to write about. They used a range of persuasive techniques - alliteration, rhetorical questions and rule of three to try to entice the reader to visit their favorite part of the United States. 

Year 3 Dragon Scouts

After learning about Girl Scouts and their famous cookie selling in America, year 3 decided that for their food technology project they would like to bake their very own cookies. The children only made a basic cookie dough recipe as a trial but will be adding their very own special ingredients for Restaurant Wars late on in the week. Watch this space for more pictures...

I Have a Dream

Year 3 thought about their own hope and dreams for themselves and discussed the steps that would be needed to achieve their goal. To celebrate Martin Luther King Day, they learnt about this famous speaker and decided that they have dreams for the world and their futures. The children discussed global issues such as pollution, climate change and bullying and wrote their very own MLK inspired speeches. 

Maths - Length

Writing on the tables made this lesson very exciting! The discussion that can come from a worm made of plasticine is amazing! The children compared, ordered, added and subtracted lengths to investigate which table had the longest worms. 

Trip to Morrisons

Year 3 visited the local supermarket - Morrisons - to see what Fairtrade products were available. They completed a survey about the products in heshop and gathered data through a questionnaire that they discussed with willing members of the public!

Disaster Topic

This half term the children chose their own disaster to research. This was driven by the question Disaster: Friend or Foe? and the children completed the research at home and in class. They then grouped relevant material into paragraphs and created their own disaster information texts, presenting them in their own style.  The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the disasters and were able to share some very interesting facts! 

PD Week

During Personal Development week, the children learned the story of Rama & Sita, were taught a Diwali dance and used clay to make their very own Diva lamps to celebrate Diwali. They also discussed different emotions and how to deal with them - creating word art and emojis to show this.

Dragon Eyes

Year 3 designed and created their own Dragons and then used clay to make an individual Dragon Eye. The used a variety of tools to shape and mould the clay, spiralling it and creating different patterns. The metallic paint gave them a beautiful, textured finish. 

Dragon Writing

The children created their very own Dragons. Using inspiration from 'Tell Me a Dragon' by Jackie Morris, the children drew and then painted their Dragon. They then wrote fact files about them using adjectives to describe. 

Lyminster Dragons

What an exciting start we have had to year 3 this year! Dahl class were extremely lucky and had a trip to visit St Mary Magdalene Church to explore the legend of the Knucker Dragon. The wonderful people at the church allowed us to explore the history of the church and local area, and we were able to ask lots of questions. The beautiful windows showed us the story of the Knucker Dragon and then we got to see the Knucker Hole, where legend says the dragon lived in the bottomless pool. We had a brilliant time - although we got very wet - but that seemed to have kept the dragon in his pool...for now. 

Look what we found!

Following our trip to the Knucker Hole, Mrs Rusbridge made a very exciting discovery in the den - A DRAGON EGG! We all decided that it must be a dragon because of the size of the egg and maybe it had been laid at our school because the dragon knew that we had visited his home. There were glittery dragon scales all over the bark and astro! We were so excited. But we realized that we must report the finding as it could be dangerous, so we wrote letters to some people that we thought should know. 


We were very lucky to have some very special visitors who taught us how to do some Irish Dancing. Very few of us knew what it was at the beginning of the lesson but we soon got the hang of it - and most of us would love to try it again! 


In art we created some beautiful Mother's day cards by using celery to print some flowers. They came out really well and our mum's loved them!


The children used Scratch to create their own computer games.  Click on the links below  to play the fantastic games that the children have Edward created.


Edward's Dodgeball Game

Logan & Leighton's Race Game

Diana's Race Game

Louie's Race Game

Macie's Race Game

DESIGN TECHNOLOGY - Christmas Decorations

For their DT project this half term, the children decided that they would like to make Christmas decorations for their families. They looked at a range of tree decorations, choosing ones that they liked and discussing why. From this they were given a design brief and planned their own decoration to make. Sewing skills were practiced and then the children made their very own products! 


Dream Jars - in English year 3 were studying Roald Dahl. After reading extracts from  the BFG, the children decided that they would like to write their own dreams. Here are a selection of our Phizzwizards and Trogglehumpers. 


In Maths we have been looking at place value and started by creating groups of 10 using a variety of resources. We then worked with our friends to create groups of 100. We were surprised by how many things 100 actually is!


The children participated in an e-safety workshop, teaching them how to be safe online. They then created their own anti-bullying posters, which have been displayed in the classroom. 

RE - Christingle and the Nativity

As part of our RE learning, year 3 attended a church service at All Saints Church, with Father Tom, to celebrate Christingle. The children made their own Christingle and we discussed the importance and symbolism of it. Leading up to Christmas, the children then started to learn the Nativity story - it's place within the Bible and the importance of it for Christians. They retold the story and created an acrostic Christmas poem, using the Nativity as their theme.


Soil and Fossil day - Year 3 had a wonderful day investigating soil and making their very own fossils. They made fossils from clay and plaster, bread and jelly sweets and tracking fossils in clay. 

Blogging Club

Year 3


Jake Taylor (taylj761) on: Year 3

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The man was named Finley and he is a astronout. Once Finley came across a new planet it looked old and dusty. When he landed there was a colossal rock infront of him!

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Jake Taylor (taylj761) on: Year 3


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Jake Taylor (taylj761) on: Year 3

We are learning to exchange numbers HUNDREDS TENS ONE. We do neat writing in our maths books to make it more clear!.

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Jake Taylor (taylj761) on: Year 3


We are learning about THE GREAT FIRE OF LONDON because it a disaster.

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Demi Storer (stord015) on: Year3

  we made a dragon eye out of  clay and yesterday we panted it  we are making  it because it is 

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