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Year 4



In Year 4, learning journeys have been expertly designed to capture children’s interests while exposing them to the wonders of the world beyond their own experience. Topics across the curriculum are comprised of a range of immersive learning experiences that challenge learners’ thinking and encourages them to further question, investigate and analyse concepts. In addition to this, teaching and learning is rigorous, nowhere more so than in the basics, and expectations are very high, but it is exciting and meaningful for the children. Children in Year 4 will fall in love with reading, learning and exploration.


Here are some suggested activities and useful website links for your child to try at home during the school closure.




Please find activities and information by following the Third Space Learning link. This is a website with step by step videos and worksheets (which you can print or just have a go at on paper whilst looking at them on the screen). Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using standard methods would be good to practice.


This is a new website set up with maths games and activities. Your child will have their own username and password. Homework activities will be updated each Friday for the coming week.

Continue to use TTRockstars to practise multiplication tables.




The children love Free Writing and Pobble 365 has a new writing stimulus every day! There are sentence starters and prompts with each sentence and your children already use these in the classroom. Please keep any writing that the children do as we would love to see this when they return.

The children may want to write their ending for 'The Lion Who Stole My Arm', using tension to grip the reader. They could try to include fronted adverbials, short sentences, ellipsis, similes and metaphors. 

For handwriting:


Please encourage your child to practice their handwriting skills whenever they are writing - the Letter Join website is available to support handwriting practice. The username is ak3814 and the password is home.


You can also access all the other website links within the 'My Learning' area of this website under 'Useful links'. Let your child find out about and learn within an area they are interested in/a subject they enjoy or have a talent for e.g. Geography and mapwork/digital maps or History and a particular period of time that your child is interested in.


BBC Bitesize has great videos games and activities for all areas of the Key Stage 2 curriculum https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/primary


Your child can spend time revising all Year 4 spellings and using them in written sentences to show that they understand their meaning. They can also go back through their homework task sheets in their Homework Book to check which spellings they found tricky.


The most valuable thing your child can do is read! Read whatever they are interested in and talk about what they read. Read together and with siblings or to younger siblings. Try to access fiction, non-fiction and poetry.


Don't forget how important board games are for learning strategies, counting, taking turns and learning how to be a 'good' loser or gracious winner. The old pen and paper games like hangman and noughts and crosses are also helpful.


Below are some helpful documents for learning at home.

 maths - how much money is in my jar.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Spr 1 Multiplication and Division Maths Code Crackers.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Spr 2 Area Maths Code Crackers.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Spr 3 Fractions Maths Code Crackers.pdfDownload
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Rapid Reasoning

 Daily Progress Mapping.xlsxDownload
 Rapid Reasoning
 Rapid Reasoning - Year 4 - Week 1.pdfDownload
 Rapid Reasoning - Year 4 - Week 2.pdfDownload
 Rapid Reasoning - Year 4 - Week 3.pdfDownload
 Rapid Reasoning - Year 4 - Week 4.pdfDownload
 Rapid Reasoning - Year 4 - Week 5.pdfDownload
 Rapid Reasoning - Year 4 - Week 6.pdfDownload
 Your Guide to Rapid Reasoning.pdfDownload
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Fluent in 5 Weeks

 Fluent in Five - Progression in Objectives Doc - Year 4.pdfDownload
 Fluent in Five - Year 4 - Week 1.pdfDownload
 Fluent in Five - Year 4 - Week 2.pdfDownload
 Fluent in Five - Year 4 - Week 3.pdfDownload
 Fluent in Five - Year 4 - Week 4.pdfDownload
 Fluent in Five - Year 4 - Week 5.pdfDownload
 Fluent in Five - Year 4 - Week 6.pdfDownload
 Your Guide to Fluent in Five copy.pdfDownload
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Money Problems

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In Maths Year 4 have been looking at arrays to help us solve multiplication problems. We have used equipment and drawings for this. We have also looked at fractions; how to find equivalents, ordering, addition and subtraction. The children have used resources and bar models to support their learning.








The children have been reading ‘The Lion Who Stole My Arm’. Through this, we are going to be producing our own ending, looking at how we can build suspense and tension to keep the reader gripped. We have also been using a variety of writing genres in free writing where the children can express themselves.



In reading we have read, discussed and predicted our class book. This has supported the children’s ideas and allowed them to magpie the style of writing in their own work. We have also read ‘Hatchet’ for pleasure, which has allowed them children to see how tension can be built in a different setting and with a different author’s style of writing.





In P: E the children are currently enjoying their weekly swimming lessons, with many of them already moving up in ability groups. They also demonstrated their skills through Dance on our Roman day where the children displayed a traditional dance.


We are currently exploring the Romans, looking at the impact they had during their time and how they have had an impact on us today still. The children are being encouraged to write balanced views on the actions of Roman emperors, as to whether their actions to invade Countries can be justified or not with the facts we have at hand.



In Music we are learning new notes on the recorder to play the song ‘Old McDonald’. We are also rehearsing our Easter Concert song ready for the production.



In Art we are using the traditional Roman method of printing to make mosaic pieces. The children have studied, practiced and evaluated the skills and will be demonstrating their finals pieces at the showcase.

 Y4 Topic Web Spring 2 2020.pdfDownload
 Y4 Newsletter Spring 2 2020.pdfDownload
 Year_4_Multiplication_Tables_Check_Presentation_to_Parents [Read-Only].pdfDownload
 Y4 Newsletter.pdfDownload
 Y4 Topic Web.pdfDownload
 Y4 Homework Grid.pdfDownload
 Year 4 spellings Spellathon 18 19.docx.pdfDownload
 Year 4 - Guide for Parents.pdfDownload
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Blogging Club

Game On

the spellathon

Bella S (skilb005) on: Game On

Toady is the spellathon and its round 2 and if i win then ill be in the finals. 

If u win u get a medal.

In the first round I won so ill be competing again today in the semi finals.

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Chicks in our class

Bella S (skilb005) on: Game On

On 12/03/2020 we had chicks in  year4 !!! 

Everybody got a chance to hold them.

When we held them they where so soft like fluff.

The chicks had sticky feet when they stood on us. 

One of them fell asleep on my friend Freya and it was so cute.

Tomorrow on the 13th the chicks are going to the farm so tomorrow we are dressing up like chicks to celebrate them.

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Game On

Bella S (skilb005) on: Game On

We learnt how to be safe online.

We learnt how to be safe on thinkunow.com .

We played two games and they were called Grosem Guts and Angry birds.

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javier blog


Javier N (nikoj006) on: javier blog

Today in year 4 it was roman day.

Everybody came in as Romans.

We learnt facts about Romans and how they fort

some people came in with swords and shields.

in maths we did roman numerals 

Image result for Romans

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coronoavirus the germ

Hollie D (dorah011) on: year4

The Coronavirus is spreading but it is ok because,you should wash your hands 5 times a day.

Some people are going crazy about the Coronavirus.

Image result for pictures of germs

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chick day

Hollie D (dorah011) on: year4

tomorrow is chick day 

we dress up in yellow,orange and brown

every  body is going to dress up, they are leaving on 13/2/20

every body in our class got to hold them, there was 9 boys and 1 girl, in total it is 10.

Image result for pictures of chicksImage result for eggs that hatch

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world book day

Hollie D (dorah011) on: year4

today we went round the school searching for people because,the school teachers

had a book and put it in front of there face.

we wrote a book in a groop and made our own story,

i did lots of drawings.

Image result for disney books

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roman dress up day

Hollie D (dorah011) on: year4

Today is Roman dress up day

Romans are people that lived in Italy a long time ago.

A lot of people dressed up for roman dress up day it is really fun.

The colosseum is a big place where people used to fight.

they used swords and shields for there 

Image result for romans kids pictures

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Hollie D (dorah011) on: year4


Image result for PASTA


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Year 4 2020 Spring

Mothers Day

Freya R (renof001) on: Year 4 2020 Spring

On Sunday it is mothers day!

Today we are making mothers day cards.

Yesterday we painted a picture of our mum's favourite things.

I drew a bunny in a forest in the middle of a sunset.

It looked amazing, you should come see it one day.

Remember always be aware of your amazing mum and always take care of her just like you do with your family.

Image result for mothers day pictures

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Holding The Chicks!

Freya R (renof001) on: Year 4 2020 Spring

Yesterday, i got to hold a chick!

My chick i held was a girl.

Did you know that the boy chicks are the colour yellow and the girl chicks are the colour brown.

I was the only person who got to hold the girl.

There was only 1 girl in the chicks home.

Today we get to keep the chicks  in our classroom.

It was so fun!

There are 9 boy chicks and there is only 1 girl

Image result for chick photos

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First day blogging

Freya R (renof001) on: Year 4 2020 Spring

This is my first day blogging on my own. 

I normally do blogging with Cerys my friend

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Year 4

Ash Dickinson

Cerys C (coopc222) on: Year 4

Yesterday we had the famous poet ash Dickinson.

Image result for ash dickinson poet book  pics he told us some funny haiku's and told us some of his poems.

some of his poems were really funny and had lots of humour!:)

Image result for ash dickinson poet book  pics show catsImage result for ash dickinson poet book  pics

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world book day.

Cerys C (coopc222) on: Year 4

today is world book and everyone has dressed up as there favourite book character.

The character i dressed up as is Mary Poppins last year i dressed up as Nikki from dork diaries.  

my favourite part of world book day is seeing all the different costumes.

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Roman dress up day

Cerys C (coopc222) on: Year 4

Today is year 4's Roman dress up day A lot of people have really nicely dressed up for roman day in year 4.We dressed up as loads of children dressed up as a Roman's.In  maths we did roman numerals .in English we did a fact file about Roman's. 

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restaurant wars!!

Cerys C (coopc222) on: Year 4

Today is restaurant wars.

It isn't exactly what it sounds like, basically it's where you make a food based on your country. My class country is Italy and we made pasta.

Our pasta isn't store bought we made it out of egg and flour .

Image result for pasta

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500 word challenge

Cerys C (coopc222) on: Year 4

In our school and schools all over the world there is a 500 word challenge.

All you have to do is write a story and make it no more than 500 words but you can do 400 words as well.

you can have whatever theme you want it could be a dark forest:

Image result for dark forest pics

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