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Year 4



In Year 4, learning journeys have been expertly designed to capture children’s interests while exposing them to the wonders of the world beyond their own experience. Topics across the curriculum are comprised of a range of immersive learning experiences that challenge learners’ thinking and encourages them to further question, investigate and analyse concepts. In addition to this, teaching and learning is rigorous, nowhere more so than in the basics, and expectations are very high, but it is exciting and meaningful for the children. Children in Year 4 will fall in love with reading, learning and exploration.


In Year 4 we have been using Scratch to create our own interactive stories, games, and animations.

Click the links below to play some of their fantastic games that they created:

Kian & Toby - Maze

Jay & Mack - Dodgeball

Thomas & Olly - Dodge the Cheese Puffs

Year 1/4 Buddy Reading

The Year 4s were helping the Year 1s read their home books.

Science - Exploring Sound

Christmas Pantomime 2018

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Year 4

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Daisy C (chowd028) on: daisy

I have made a slide show in a group of five it was me, Grace, Toby, Donnie, Oscar.It was 16 slides

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About Year 4

gaming week.

Esme L (legge040) on: About Year 4

This week with our lovely teacher miss O'brian we have been playing a few games and we played minecraft adventer on hour of code.

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About our learning

Esme L (legge040) on: About Year 4

In year 4 we do fun and educational things. So far we have had Miss O'brian. She is very nice and she is very very funny.

This week my favourite part of the week has been learning about for the birds.

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Year 4 POEMS

Click on the image below to view our whole class poems.