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Year 4



In Year 4, learning journeys have been expertly designed to capture children’s interests while exposing them to the wonders of the world beyond their own experience. Topics across the curriculum are comprised of a range of immersive learning experiences that challenge learners’ thinking and encourages them to further question, investigate and analyse concepts. In addition to this, teaching and learning is rigorous, nowhere more so than in the basics, and expectations are very high, but it is exciting and meaningful for the children. Children in Year 4 will fall in love with reading, learning and exploration.


Finding out about Christingle around the world

Year 4 have been finding out about the bible:

Chichester Cathedral Visit


In Literacy we have finished writing our newspaper reports on the events of Thursday 19th September, when three mysterious dragon eggs appeared in our classroom. We published these and shared our class newspaper with Mr McGinley. Overnight we found the eggs had hatched and disappeared, but luckily we caught this on camera.

We are now moving onto writing a descriptive piece of our own dragons, which will also be used for our poems after this.


In Maths the children have been working on place value. We have been:

  • Comparing numbers using the greater than and less than signs
  • Looking at our columns
  • Counting on
  • Counting backwards
  • Comparing up to two decimal places (using height and money to support this)
  • Using resources and abstract thinking to unpick the problems
  • Mass and capacity

To support your children with this at home you could ask them questions about:

  • Comparing money and different values
  • Write a number and ask them which digit is in what column
  • Ask them to partition, draw, write in words and show 100 less and more of a number (i.e. 2353)


In guided reading we are focusing on comprehension skills, in particular retrieval of information. We are currently reading ‘No such thing as dragons’ as a whole class, whilst the children get to have two books from the library. One is of their choice and the other is at their band level. Please encourage your children to fill in their reading records and to read as often as possible. They seem very hooked on dragon and adventure stories at the moment which is fantastic! Our class author this year is Nicola Davies, who we will be looking at closely in our Spring Topic.


In Year 4 we have been using Scratch to create our own interactive stories, games, and animations.

Click the links below to play some of their fantastic games that they created:

Kian & Toby - Maze

Jay & Mack - Dodgeball

Thomas & Olly - Dodge the Cheese Puffs

Year 1/4 Buddy Reading

The Year 4s were helping the Year 1s read their home books.

Science - Exploring Sound



In Music Year 4 have been working on practising their harvest song, ‘The Harvest Tango’. We hope as many of you as possible will come and support our children on the big day! We will be performing this, along with some other whole school songs, on Thursday 3rd October at 2:30pm.


In Geography we are looking at our local area through maps. The skills we are using are grid references so we can observe key points in more detail, to study them and draw our own maps.


In our outdoor sessions we are learning the foundation skills for football. Passing and dribbling are the key areas for year 4. Many of the children are excelling in this and moving onto tackling as well.

In indoor PE we are focusing on dance, with our topic being ‘Cold Places’. The children are very creative with their ideas and have already developed their moves into simple routines to share with the rest of the class.


In Art we are sketching our own dragons using sketching pencils and a variety of shading techniques for effect. We are using our pieces for our descriptive writing and poems in Literacy.

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Blogging Club


dancing with kids

Hollie D (dorah011) on: year4

we are making a club called dancing with kids.

year 1 and can do it ,it is fun for kids who want to learn

It affects you children to learn to dance

me and cerys are BFF,S we decided to make a club.

me and my granny called Christine made the posters.

me and cerys stuck them round the school.

By Hollie D                                                         

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Year 4 2020 Spring

First day blogging

Freya R (renof001) on: Year 4 2020 Spring

This is my first day blogging on my own. 

I normally do blogging with Cerys my friend

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Year 4

English cinnamon

Cerys C (coopc222) on: Year 4

In English we we have been learning about the story cinnamon we have also been writing our own version.  

my version is  there is a prince  and when he gets annoyed  he turns into an angry weasel.Then he feels awful for her because he loves her so he sneaks into the palace and teaches her love , fear and sensitivity . 


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Science day

Cerys C (coopc222) on: Year 4

Yesterday we had a science day and we had to do different challenges to show what happens to the world sometimes.

Our first challenge was to make a earthquake proof building.

Our second task was to make something to help us or the world.

My invention was a snack maker and my friend made an animal friendly cat sofa  with fish cushions.

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Cerys C (coopc222) on: Year 4

In yr. 4 our class country is Italy and we have been making story's  that is about cinnamon but we had to make it from Italy.

Cinnamon is a Indian girl who is blind and she is a mute well not really she just doesn't choose to because she just doesn't know what to say.

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Dancing with kids club!!!

Cerys C (coopc222) on: Year 4

In school me and my friend are making  a club called dancing with kids .We decided to do this when my friend quit cheer club.

Every dance we use the song shotgun because we think it goes well with what we have done so far.

we are doing gymnastics, dancing and a little bit of cheer so it is a bit more interesting .

The club is for years 1,2 so it is easy for them to learn from people with more experience.

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The christmas story!

Cerys C (coopc222) on: Year 4

this week we have been learning about sewing Christmas decorations for an example I did a heart.

There are more difficult ones like a reindeer or Santa.

We have also been learning about the Christmas story my favourite character is Mary and my friends is Joseph.

When Mary gave birth with Jesus  she put swaddling around him because you had to do that in the olden days.

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