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Year 5




Welcome to Upper key Stage 2!
As the children have now entered the Upper Phase, we aim to prepare them for their final stage of learning in primary school. Here at Lyminster Primary School we believe that the Year 5 children should be given the opportunity to grow in confidence as young people both academically and personally. We continue to help them develop as independent learners who can thrive and progress through the experiences of a wide and broad-based curriculum. We continue to develop their confidence and encourage them to become naturally curious learners, through a broad and exciting curriculum. 
About Year 5
The class country that we study this year is Greece. We will dip into facts and features of this country as well as study the Geography of it, alongside reading some famous Greek myths and legends when we carry out our country topic in the spring. 
Michael Morpurgo is our class author. We have a large selection of his fantastic books in our class library and will be encouraging all of the children to delve into his words and imagery. We will also be reading some of his classics - War Horse and Kensuke's Kingdom - as a whole class, enabling us to look in more depth at Morpurgo's incredible storytelling.


Year 5 are currently learning how to gather, use and read data and any practice of this at home would really support their learning. In class we use White Rose Maths as a basis for our learning, with focus on fluency, reasoning and problem solving. There is also a specific section on the White Rose Maths website with step-by-step videos for home learning. We are working on this area of Maths but you may want to look at other areas of the website too with your child. Confidence using the four operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using standard methods - is key for the children to become successful mathematicians.


Continue to use TTRockstars to practise multiplication tables and use the new online resource MyMaths- there are lots of games on here to play plus weekly MyMaths homework tasks.

White Rose have published some fantastic free online Maths resources - remember that it is good to find it challenging as this means that you are learning! Write down your answers, draw diagrams and show your workings! Also please log on to MyMaths and TTRS as these are being updated regularly. 



In Year 5 the children will be focusing on their sentence structure, including using more complex punctuation and understanding grammatical terminology. Please go to the BBC Bitesize website to work with your child to embed the grammar and practice using it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zwwp8mn

Free Writing


The children love Free Writing and Pobble 365 has a new writing stimulus every day! There are sentence starters and prompts with each sentence and your children already use these in the classroom. Please encourage them to practice their handwriting skills whenever they are writing - the Letter Join website is available to support handwriting practice. 



The username is ak3814 and the password is home.

You can also access all the other website links within the 'My Learning' area of this website under 'Useful links'. Let your child find out about and learn within an area they are interested in/a subject they enjoy or have a talent for e.g. Geography and mapwork/digital maps or History and a particular period of time that your child is interested in.


Your child will also need to be confident with the Year 5 and 6 spellings, ensuring that they not only know how to spell them but how to use them correctly too. They can go back through their homework task sheets on their emails to check all spellings.


The most valuable thing your child can do is read! This year the expectation is that your child reads every day. This can be reading with another person or reading on their own. Please allow your child to read whatever they are interested in and talk about what they read. Read together and with siblings or to younger siblings. Ask your child questions about what they are reading in order to ensure that they understand the text. Children will still receive certificates for the amount of reads that they complete so please encourage them to complete their reading diaries. 

Drusilla's Trip
The children had a wonderful day learning about a wide variety of animals. They had a fantastic education session, learning about life cycles and meeting a grass snake and a chinchilla. They then had some free time to enjoy the rides and play with their friends. It was so wonderful to hear them all laughing, having a wonderful time and making some fantastic memories. 
Greek Pottery
Year 5 have been studying Ancient Greek pottery so find clues as to how the Ancient Greeks lived. They carried out research and then did some artwork to decide how they might want their own Greek pot to look. using the coil technique, the children practiced creating the required shapes and then made their own pot out of clay. These were painted using Greek patterns and are currently waiting to be glazed. i think they look brilliant! 


The children have been carrying out some excellent reasoning and problem solving over the past few weeks. Some children have also been focussing on their understanding of time, even making their own clocks. 

Easter 2021
Year 5 have had a fantastic few weeks back and have been learning about the Easter Story over the past week. They have created beautiful images using symbols of Easter and have written their own poems to detail the Easter Story. The children enjoyed a wonderful Easter breakfast whilst watching an assembly from Mark Rogers, from All Saints Church. Father Tom came to school to judge the Easter Bonnet competition and was blown away by the year 5 entries - they were all incredible - but out overall winner was...Logan! Well done to all of the children who participated and Happy Easter!



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The Island
Year 5 have taken inspiration from ‘The Island’ by Armin Greder and have written some emotive poems. They have thought about similes and metaphors to discuss issues surrounding the feeling of being different to others around you.
Remembrance Day Poems
To commemorate Remembrance Day 2020, year 5 used an extract from War Horse, by Michael Morpurgo, to create some extremely moving black out poetry. They used dictionaries to check the meaning of new vocabulary and then used mixed media to present the poems fro display in the school library.  
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