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Year 3

Welcome to Dahl CLASS


In Year 3, the children transition from key stage 1 to key stage 2. The topics are designed to ensure that the children are engaged and interested, whilst allowing them to explore and investigate. Learners' will be challenged to build upon their key stage one skills in order to prepare them for the rigorous teaching and learning throughout the second stage of primary school. Expectations are very high, in order for each child to achieve their best across every aspect of the curriculum. The children will be challenged in order to extend their knowledge and understanding, allowing the basic skills to be embedded and become the foundations for key stage two. 

Rainforest Poetry

Using the animal that they were learning about in Science, the children created poems to describe what the animal was like. The children learnt about similes and metaphors and were challenged to include these in their writing. Including exciting and unusual vocabulary was also a key success criteria for the poems. They then presented them in a style of their choice - which resulted in some very interesting final pieces. 

Rousseau Art

The children spent some time learning about Henri Rousseau and exploring his art work. They then practiced using oil pastels, mixing them to create a variety of tones and using them in different ways to create a variety of textures. Using photographs from the tropical house at Marwell Zoo for inspiration, the children then created their own final pieces. 

Science - Rainforest Animals

After our trip to Marwell Zoo the children chose a rainforest animal to study and from this they created an A3 presentation. The presentations were linked to science as the children investigated the animals habitats and diets. The children were given the choice of how they would like to present their information. 

Marwell Zoo Visit

Make a Change!


In year 3 we have been looking at different issues that affect the world and ways that we can change things that we do, to keep our planet safe. As a whole class we researched plastic and the ways in which it is damaging the Earth. We collected single-use plastic from all of the children's lunch boxes, separated the collection into different types of plastic and then made bar graphs to show our data. We have decided that if we want the plastic problem to change we must all make a change. We hope you enjoyed reading our letter!


The children all worked on a presentation 'The Problem with Plastics', click here to view.


In art we created some beautiful Mother's day cards by using celery to print some flowers. They came out really well and our mum's loved them!


The children used Scratch to create their own computer games.  Click on the links below  to play the fantastic games that the children have Edward created.


Edward's Dodgeball Game

Logan & Leighton's Race Game

Diana's Race Game

Louie's Race Game

Macie's Race Game



The children built pyramids, creating a wooden frame, with a focus on the joints that they were making. They used cardboard sides and decorated with colouring pens. 


Dream Jars - in English year 3 were studying Roald Dahl. After reading extracts from  the BFG, the children decided that they would like to write their own dreams. Here are a selection of our Phizzwizards and Trogglehumpers. 



The children participated in an e-safety workshop, teaching them how to be safe online. They then created their own anti-bullying posters, which have been displayed in the classroom. 


What can we learn from the The Bible?
Year 3 have been exploring the Easter Story through different viewpoints!


Soil and Fossil day - Year 3 had a wonderful day investigating soil and making their very own fossils. They made fossils from clay and plaster, bread and jelly sweets and tracking fossils in clay. 

British Museum Visit

Egyptian Day

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Blogging Club

year3 Summer term

OUR POEMS! and showcase!

Sophie O (osbos090) on: year3 Summer term

This year we have done our poems and we found it really fun we loved it me and Sophie's ended up really well. Our teacher Mrs Williams  is going to make a book  for all of are poems and show the class he will have next year. Yesterday we had a showcase and went up on stage to show  to do a dance infront of year 2's mums and dads and year 4's. Me and sophie did a speech infront of all those parents it was really fun. But soon we are going to be moving to year 4. Im super exited because i have a teacher called Mr Fisk too. Here our pictures of our poems!  

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poetry and roman numerals

Sophie O (osbos090) on: year3 Summer term

We are learning about Roman Numerals in maths this week.

Now we are working on our poetry in English and we choose a rainforest animal.  Then we have to search on the internet for some information on the animal.  Today we wrote the first draft of our animal poetry in our books.

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Our New Topic!

Sophie O (osbos090) on: year3 Summer term

We went to Marwell Zoo and saw all the animals in the rainforest as it is our new topic! We went to a work shop and saw lots of animals that were killed for money like a leopard and a snake skin that was very long it went all around the room. It was great I would of never expected it was that cool. I loved it!

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Today is our showcase!

Sophie O (osbos090) on: year3 Summer term

Year 3 are having a showcase today and we are showing all our amazing make a change work. Our parents are coming in to see our work. 

Do you think our work is going to be good i'm Ellie Sophie  and obviously we think its going to be great! come along at 3.00 to see our lovely work. :)  

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Sophie O (osbos090) on: year3 Summer term

in the mornings we have stem week  We did science so on Monday we learnt about liquid gases  and solids

.This week is stem week we have explored a lot about science its been great knowing about lots of things that has happened so far in the world.

Today we have been talking about space and answering lots of questions about space.

In dragons den we have been creating bird feeders that we can re-use because they are made out of plastic bottles and a football game.

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spring term year3

Our plastic pollution circles

Cerys C (coopc222) on: spring term year3

We know a lot of facts about plastic because we are learning about it.

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Our class book

Cerys C (coopc222) on: spring term year3

In class we are reading the nothing to see here hotel and there is a half boy half troll. What we have been reading is very interesting.

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Cerys C (coopc222) on: spring term year3

Whales are endangered animals

this is work we did this morning

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Parent showcase and Easter concert

Cerys C (coopc222) on: spring term year3

Today is the parent showcase and Easter concert. Me and Freya are both going.

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dividing by number lines [maths]

Cerys C (coopc222) on: spring term year3

We have been using number lines take a look at this it's are maths!

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Game On

Game On

Bella S (skilb005) on: Game On

We learnt how to be safe online.

We learnt how to be safe on thinkunow.com .

We played two games and they were called Grosem Guts and Angry birds.

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Year 3

playing games

Diana T (tudld001) on: Year 3

In year 3 we played games such as angry birds.

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game on!

Diana T (tudld001) on: Year 3

So far we described angry birds.

We talked about E-Safety so we can be safe online.

We opened ThinkUKnow website to help us be safe online. 

We learnt to block and tell a grown-up.

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Pd Week

Diana T (tudld001) on: Year 3

We injoyed Mrs Shahs hindoisem.

My favort thing was pear masarge.

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Diana T (tudld001) on: Year 3

s.We went to the British Museum to see Egyptian stuff. We made Egyptian death masks.

We painted our death mask

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