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Year 3

Welcome to Dahl CLASS


In Year 3, the children transition from key stage 1 to key stage 2. The topics are designed to ensure that the children are engaged and interested, whilst allowing them to explore and investigate. Learners' will be challenged to build upon their key stage one skills in order to prepare them for the rigorous teaching and learning throughout the second stage of primary school. Expectations are very high, in order for each child to achieve their best across every aspect of the curriculum. The children will be challenged in order to extend their knowledge and understanding, allowing the basic skills to be embedded and become the foundations for key stage two.

Home Learning
We are so impressed with the work that you have been producing at home! Here are a selection of our fabulous stories and creative work. Well done everyone!
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Jackson Pollock

Free Verse Poem


Please see below for links to access home learning. If you require any help or resources then please email Mrs Clarke and/or Mrs Pennicott via the school office - office@lyminster.w-sussex.sch.uk




Year 3 missed the Year 2 Maths ‘time’ focus last year, thus have been working hard to catch up. They would benefit from continuing their time work at home. Please find activities and information by following the Third Space Learning link. This is a website with step by step videos and worksheets (which you can print or just have a go at on paper whilst looking at them on the screen) You may want to look at other areas of the website too with your child. Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using standard methods would be good to practice.


My Maths- Weekly Maths homework is set here. Children all have their log ons. If you need these reissuing, please contact the office.


White Rose have published some fantastic free online Maths resources - remember that it is good to find it challenging as this means that you are learning! Write down your answers, draw diagrams and show your workings!




The children love Free Writing and Pobble 365 has a new writing stimulus every day! There are sentence starters and prompts with each sentence. Please encourage them to practice their handwriting skills whenever they are writing - the Letter Join website is available to support handwriting practice.


Choose a video clip from the Literacy Shed to get your creative juices flowing! Please email any poems, stories, letters, songs or anything that you write to the school office - Mrs Clarke and Mrs Pennicott would love to see it!


To prepare us for our author topic, why not look at the above site and learn a little about the magnificent Roald Dahl? Explore this website to find hundreds of tasks to complete and extracts to read.




The username is ak3814 and the password is home.

You can also access all the other website links within the 'My Learning' area of this website under 'Useful links'. Let your child find out about and learn within an area they are interested in/a subject they enjoy or have a talent for e.g. Geography and map work/digital maps or History and a particular period of time that your child is interested in.


Your child can spend time learning all Year 3 and 4 spellings and checking that they know them.


The most valuable thing your child can do is read! Read whatever they are interested in and talk about what they read. Read together and with siblings or to younger siblings.




This illustrator is incredible and has come up with some fantastic videos to teach you how to draw just like him! Please send Mrs Clarke and Mrs Pennicott some of your illustrations - we can add them to the website to share with your friends!

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Spring 1 Week 3

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