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How to Stay Safe

Wanting to be independent is a natural part of growing up. It is important however to know how to stay safe and what to do if you do encounter a problem.
Below are some key safety tips to help you to stay safe!

  • Always let your parents/carer know where you are going.
  • Tell them who you will be with.
  • What time you are going and coming back.
  • It’s important to share a contact number. Not just with your parent/carer but with the people you will be with. Make sure it’s not just your mobile number, what if you lose your phone or run out of battery.
  • Road Safety

Abuse/Personal Safety/Bullying

No one should ever ask you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. This could be for example: Hurting another person with words or physically, Stealing, Drinking Alcohol, Drug taking, Showing or taking photos of your body or touch in your private areas.
There are always people which can help you if you are worried about any of these things or think that they maybe happening to you.
In school you can speak to any staff member and outside of school you can call Childline. This is a confidential service and website that gives children access to support and advice. You can call without having to worry.

Home Alone

Sometimes children may be left at home on their own. If this is the case do you know what to/or not to do?
Have a plan organised with your adult and if you’re worried at all ask someone you trust for help.

Anti-Bullying Artwork

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