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At Lyminster Primary School, we have the ethos that all children can achieve and master Mathematics, and we strongly believe that every child can acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject. In maths lessons, staff adopt a ‘teaching for mastery’ which involves supporting all learners with securing new learning, before providing children with a range of opportunities for them to apply and deepen their understanding.

We strive to set work that is challenging and motivating, along with tasks that encourage children to talk about what they have learnt. Throughout the school, our children have opportunities to learn new skills using a range of mathematical equipment and aids to support them with visualising the how and why behind their learning. Providing time for children to use concrete resources and visual representations brings concepts to life and can support pupils with their learning. Once new learning is fluent, we deepen our children’s understanding using problem-solving and reasoning tasks. In these activities, children are encouraged to explain, justify and generalise; represent ideas in a variety of ways; see connections between concepts; work systematically and solve problems of greater complexity with creativity and imagination. There are also opportunities for children to take part in individual, paired, group and whole class activities during the maths lessons.

At Lyminster Primary School, we provide opportunities for children to develop mental maths skills across the school, and recognise that both arithmetic (number facts) and mental calculation are vital. We have recently introduced ‘Mental Magicians’ across the school as a way of encouraging and motivating children to learn the important number bonds and times tables facts. Furthermore, staff also provide opportunities for children to learn a range of mental calculation strategies and pupils are encouraged to decide and justify which method is most appropriate for the task at hand.

 Please see the National curriculum in England: mathematics programmes of study for a detailed outline of what is taught in every year group.

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