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Year 1

Welcome to Jeffers Class

Mrs G Terrill
Deputy Headteacher
Year 1 Class Teacher
Year 5 Class Teacher
Miss C Smith
Class 1 Teacher

At Lyminster Primary School we believe that Year 1 should build on best Early Years practice, whilst ensuring a smooth transition in to the Key Stage 1 curriculum for both children and parents. We provide a combination of play-based learning, both inside and out, with short, adult-directed activities planned to move learning on. We encourage children to learn independently and to apply a range of knowledge and skills across a wide curriculum. By observing, questioning and challenging the children, we are able to adapt to their individualized learning needs, styles and interests. Our aim is to ensure that every child fulfills their potential whilst having fun, thus creating a life-long love of learning!

Year one class author is Oliver Jeffers!  Please read as many books at home written by Oliver Jeffers.


Castle Topic

Our Working Wall.


In P.E. we have been using different equipment to make a variety of strong shapes with our bodies.

Piet Mondrian

  • We have been learning about ‘Modern Art’ and created our own modern art in the style of  Piet Mondrian.
  • We used primary colours and learnt about secondary colours too.
  • We used different materials, textures and patterns.

Pancake Day!

On Shrove Tuesday we prepared, mixed and cooked our own pancakes to help us to understand all about the meaning of ‘Shrove Tuesday.’

Home Learning

There are various activities which you could undertake to enhance and continue your child’s learning at home. Check out our Year 1 home learning; phonics, science and writing ideas pages for activities you can undertake at home.

Please remember that you all have access to the ‘Letter-join‘ handwriting scheme which aids children’s letter formation.

As ever, we would ask that you read to , and with, your child as much as possible, asking questions to ensure their understanding throughout.


Please find activities and information by visiting Third Space Learning. This is a website with step by step videos and worksheets (which you can print or just have a go at on paper whilst looking at them on the screen).

MyMaths is a new website set up with maths games and activities. Your child has their own username and password. Homework activities will be updated each Friday for the coming week.


Please encourage your child to practice their handwriting skills whenever they are writing – the Letter-join website is available to support handwriting practice. 

You can also access all the other website links within the ‘Supporting Learning‘ area of this website. Let your child find out about and learn within an area they are interested ina subject they enjoy or have a talent for.

BBC Bitesize has great videos games and activities for all areas of the Key Stage 1 curriculum.

Your child can spend time revising all Year 1 spellings and using them in written sentences to show that they understand their meaning.

The most valuable thing your child can do is read! Read whatever they are interested in and talk about what they read. Read together and with siblings or to younger siblings. Try to access fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Don’t forget how important board games are for learning strategies, counting, taking turns and learning how to be a ‘good’ loser or gracious winner. The old pen and paper games like hangman and noughts and crosses are also helpful.


Read Write Inc. set 3 sounds.