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Values & Ethos

Lyminster Primary School

Growing, Caring & Learning Together

Our Vision

A nurturing, community-focussed school, with sky-high ambition and a global outlook.

Our Mission

To nuture and develop our young people into active and engaged citizens of the world, who live up to their Core Values:

Our Aims
  1. Become a Centre of Excellence for the high-quality implementation of a stimulating, modern and relevant curriculum;
  2. Fully include, nurture and love each child, showing them that they are valued and can achieve anything they want to;
  3. Promote the love of reading, discovery and exploration that will equip our learners for life;
  4. Give our children the confidence to aim high, grasp opportunities, and love life;
  5. Be at the very heart of our community – locally, nationally and globally – with a strong collective sense of responsibility and respect;
  6. Remain open and welcoming to the contributions of the whole community so that we all work together for the best interests of our children;
  7. Equip our learners with the knowledge, skills and self-belief they need to communicate effectively and be the best ‘them’ they can be;
  8. Actively promote the professional development of all our staff, and foster the partnerships and team-working dynamic that will benefit everyone in the community.
The Key Attributes we Wish to Bestow