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In Early Years at Lyminster Primary School we ensure that we provide a happy and secure environment where children can develop as individuals. We believe that your child’s transition into Early Years is an exciting next step in your child’s education. We offer a creative and balanced curriculum which is based on the children’s own interests. We know that children learn through play and exploration, and therefore we provide a combination of play-based learning, both inside and out, with adult-directed activities and opportunities for independent learning. We value and highly encourage children to learn independently as this helps to build up confidence in your child’s own ability to succeed. We achieve this by providing the children with first hand learning experiences rooted in purposeful play. Our aim is to ensure that your child will develop positive attitudes to learning and will develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. We wish to work closely in partnership with parents and carers to ensure your child has a fulfilling first year, and to enable your child to develop as a unique individual.


11 October 2018

This week we talked about Chatterpacks. This a range of books to be shared between

An adult and child at home. There are ideas in the pack for you to share and talk about.

Please can you return it when you have finished so we can pass it onto somebody else.


Thank you

Mrs Galvin

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