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Year 3

Welcome to Dahl CLASS


In Year 3, the children transition from key stage 1 to key stage 2. The topics are designed to ensure that the children are engaged and interested, whilst allowing them to explore and investigate. Learners' will be challenged to build upon their key stage one skills in order to prepare them for the rigorous teaching and learning throughout the second stage of primary school. Expectations are very high, in order for each child to achieve their best across every aspect of the curriculum. The children will be challenged in order to extend their knowledge and understanding, allowing the basic skills to be embedded and become the foundations for key stage two. 


Creating Jackson Pollock style paintings, using the flicking techniques. Creating clay models using a variety of techniques such as coiling and slab. The children created an object relating to the topic 'Game On!'


The children used Scratch to create their own computer games. 


The children built pyramids, creating a wooden frame, with a focus on the joints that they were making. They used cardboard sides and decorated with colouring pens. 




The children participated in an e-safety workshop, teaching them how to be safe online. They then created their own anti-bullying posters, which have been displayed in the classroom. 


The children have studying the story of Rama and Sita and made diva lamps, from clay, to show their understanding of the story and why Diwali is celebrated. They also made chappati to taste in order to experience how a Muslims diet might be different to their own. 


Many of the photos show the children investigating magnets and forces. They worked in small groups to find magnetic and non-magnetic items and created a board game which involved using a magnet. The children also investigated friction, on a variety of different surfaces. During Eco-Day, the children created Alien Soup, which can be seen in the short video clips. This was relating to keeping the oceans clean.

British Museum Visit

Egyptian Day

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Blogging Club

spring term year3

Today is the New York showcase!

Cerys C (coopc222) on: spring term year3

Today we were finishing off our description of the country we chose, like the Grand Canyon,New York,Florida,Alaska. Today our parents are coming to see all are work we did.

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growth mindset

Cerys C (coopc222) on: spring term year3

Growth mind set is  where you say you can't do it but you should  actually think you can't do it yet . But in each class room there is a learning pit so wen you find something tricky you go down in the pit. People with growth mindsets say i can't do it yet so they keep on trying. 

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Mental maths blog.

Cerys C (coopc222) on: spring term year3

This week in maths we have been doing fractions like 1/2 is two parts and 1/10 is ten parts. The top number is called the numerator and the bottom number is called the denominator. When you do fractions most things need to be even not odd like 1/11 is really tricky. We find the even fractions easier and the odd fractions harder. 

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Freya and Cerys's PE sessions

Cerys C (coopc222) on: spring term year3

Cerys and Freya went to a competition. It was a tag rugby competition. Our team came 7th. And it was really cool and tiring and exhausting. We have also been having some exciting tennis lessons. 

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New York blog

Cerys C (coopc222) on: spring term year3


In New York there is a  Statue called the Statue of Liberty. It is so big that you can actually climb up it. Inside the Statue of Liberty there is actually a lift. Freya and Cerys would like to go on holiday together to the Statue of Liberty. In New York there is a building called the Empire State building. The Twin Towers got blown up by a airplane crash in 2001. There is a beach called Rhode island and there are fish that suck your feet called blood worm. In Salem there is a witch's hut,which is just a house.

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Game On

Game On

Bella S (skilb005) on: Game On

We learnt how to be safe online.

We learnt how to be safe on thinkunow.com .

We played two games and they were called Grosem Guts and Angry birds.

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Year 3

playing games

Diana T (tudld001) on: Year 3

In year 3 we played games such as angry birds.

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game on!

Diana T (tudld001) on: Year 3

So far we described angry birds.

We talked about E-Safety so we can be safe online.

We opened ThinkUKnow website to help us be safe online. 

We learnt to block and tell a grown-up.

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Pd Week

Diana T (tudld001) on: Year 3

We injoyed Mrs Shahs hindoisem.

My favort thing was pear masarge.

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Diana T (tudld001) on: Year 3

s.We went to the British Museum to see Egyptian stuff. We made Egyptian death masks.

We painted our death mask

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