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Year 3

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British Museum Visit

Egyptian Day

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Blogging Club - Bella & Diana

Game On

Game On

Bella S (skilb005) on: Game On

We learnt how to be safe online.

We learnt how to be safe on thinkunow.com .

We played two games and they were called Grosem Guts and Angry birds.

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playing games

Diana T (tudld001) on: year3

In year 3 we played games such as angry birds.

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game on!

Diana T (tudld001) on: year3

So far we described angry birds.

We talked about E-Safety so we can be safe online.

We opened ThinkUKnow website to help us be safe online. 

We learnt to block and tell a grown-up.

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Pd Week

Diana T (tudld001) on: year3

We injoyed Mrs Shahs hindoisem.

My favort thing was pear masarge.

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Diana T (tudld001) on: year3

s.We went to the British Museum to see Egyptian stuff. We made Egyptian death masks.

We painted our death mask

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