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Lyminster Primary School

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Year 2 

Welcome to ward Class 

As the children at Lyminster move into Year Two, our aim is for them to become more independent and responsible for their own learning, whilst still feeling secure enough to take risks and challenge themselves. Whilst the style of teaching and learning does become more formal in Year Two, the emphasis is still very much on creativity and exploration, and this is reflected in the broad range of topics and activities that the children will experience. Towards the end of the year, the children will be taking part in end of Key Stage SATs, and whilst they will be well prepared, these are very informal, and the intention is that the children hardly even know they are happening! The children will leave Year Two as confident, engaged young learners looking forward to the challenges of Key Stage Two!

This half term our topic is titled 'Once Upon a Time' and, as the title suggests, is the theme of fairy tales. We will be reading a wide range of these and traditional tales from around the world. We will explore and discuss these and do oral, practical and written work on this theme. The parent showcase is on Tuesday, May 22nd at 2:15pm.


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