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Year 5




 Here at Lyminster Primary School we believe that the Year 5 children should be given the opportunity to grow in confidence as young people both academically and personally. We aim to prepare them for their final stage of learning in primary school. We continue to help them develop as independent learners who can thrive and progress through the experiences of a wide and broad-based curriculum. We continue to develop their confidence skills and encourage them to become naturally curious learners.


The topic this half term is "What isn't Art?" We will be considering the artwork of our class country, Greece and examining how it has changed through the ages. 

 Year 5 - Democracy - Topic Web - Summer 2.pdfDownload
 Year 5 - Democracy - Newsletter - Summer 2.pdfDownload
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 Year 5 - What is not Art - Newsletter - Summer 1.pdfDownload
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 Year 5 - Greece - Newsletter - Spring 1.pdfDownload
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 Year 5 - Chris Riddell - Newsletter - Spring 2.pdfDownload
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