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We are very excited to bring you this term’s Littlehampton Area Sports Partnership (LASP) personal fitness challenge! The children are very excited to be involved with this challenge and we hope that you can encourage them to get involved with some fitness at home.

Your child will be completing a timed run, during their usual PE lesson, in order to measure their stamina, endurance and fitness. During PE the focus will be on ways to improve these things and their progress will be tracked by further timings, at the half way point and at the end. All pupils will participate and the emphasis will be on progress rather than being the faster runner.

Please support your child to get moving at home – long walks, bike rides and jogging are all great activities to improve fitness and stamina. There are also some fun online activities that they could try – you could get involved and prepare for the challenge as a family!


Please click here for more information.

Premier PE Planning

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Year R

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Year 1

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Year 6

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