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At Lyminster Primary School we believe that Year 6 should be a year in which the children grow in confidence as young people both academically and personally. We aim to prepare them for the next stage of their learning to ensure a smooth transition to secondary school. We continue to help them develop as independent learners who can thrive and progress through the experiences of a wide and broad-based curriculum. Alongside the exciting curriculum we do make sure all children are ready for the SATs exams in May by ensuring they have plenty of opportunities to learn and deepen their knowledge and understanding in maths, reading and SPaG in addition to developing their writing. Our aim is that every child fulfils their potential within a supportive and caring environment.


Competition winners for the non-fiction year 6 competition:

  • Esmee Corbin-Ellis
  • Louie Levi
  • Amelia Quayle-Diez
  • Madison Thomas


Why is the resurrection important to Christians?

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Posted: Apr 25, 2019 by: Abigail F (frooa004) on: MacBeth

This half term in year 6 we are learning about the book Macbeth. Though we have not read all of the book we have learnt the first act of the play off by heart.This will hopefully be displayed on our website once fully learnt and finished. If you do not have a clue what Macbeth is, it is a book about a young man called Macbeth that leads the Scottish army to become king and get power. This book was created  by William Shakespeare.

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