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Lyminster Primary School

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Year 2 

Welcome to BROWNE Class 

As the children at Lyminster move into Year Two, our aim is for them to become more independent and responsible for their own learning, whilst still feeling secure enough to take risks and challenge themselves. Whilst the style of teaching and learning does become more formal in Year Two, the emphasis is still very much on creativity and exploration, and this is reflected in the broad range of topics and activities that the children will experience. Towards the end of the year, the children will be taking part in end of Key Stage SATs, and whilst they will be well prepared, these are very informal, and the intention is that the children hardly even know they are happening! The children will leave Year Two as confident, engaged young learners looking forward to the challenges of Key Stage Two!

Dragon Topic

Year 2 are really enjoying their dragon topic. They have used their knowledge of adjectives to produce some amazing descriptive writing.


Year 2 have been using what they already know about number facts to help them solve other problems. They have also been using their knowledge of place value to solve real life problems!

Knucker Dragon Pie

Year 2 followed a traditional recipe to recreate the pie that killed the Knucker Dragon (minus the poison!). They enjoyed the pie so much that they even did the washing up afterwards!

Irish Dancing

Year 2 really enjoyed their visit from Carey School of Irish Dancing and even learnt a few moves!

Family Reading

Dragon Homework Tasks

Year 2 Church & Knucker Hole Trip - September 2019


Year 2 have been learning how to program a robot called a Bee-bot! First they designed their own Bee-bot maze on paper by drawing out a grid of 15cm by 15cm squares (one square is equivalent to one step for a Beebot) with a start and a finish. To make it extra challenging they drew fruit on random squares for the Bee-bot to find and eat while travelling around the maze. The children then worked in teams to program their Bee-bot by pressing the corresponding arrow keys on its back e.g. to move forward/back and turn left/right, then 'GO' for it to follow the instructions (code). They also learned how to 'debug' their code e.g. press the 'x' key to clear the incorrect code and reprogram the Bee-bot. Great programming year 2!!

Using the class laptops we have learned to log in to the school network and access the word processing software 'Word'. We also regularly log in to Times Tables Rockstars to practice and improve our mental arithmetic!! Here are some photos of us typing captions to be displayed next to our 3D model village structures. We made sure we typed a capital letter at the beginning of each name, a comma between names and a full stop at the end of each sentence.

Programming Beebots to find the food to eat:

Putting capitals in and commas between names:

ART- Making Egyptian Jewellery

DT - Models of India



Year 2 used a jigsaw to help them locate the four countries of the United Kingdom and demonstrated great teamwork skills.

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