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Below is a list of general school policies. Paper copies are available from the school office upon request.

If there is an item that you cannot see or you require more information please contact the school office on 01903 713642 or email office@lyminster.w-sussex.sch.uk

Policy/Document Hyperlink Updated By (Staff Role) Approved Review Date
Admissions, Administration and Data
Admissions WSCC Dictated by WSCC
Attendance Policy Attendance Policy Headteacher Mar 2019 Feb 2020
Charging and Remissions Charging and Remissions for School Activities School Business Manager Sept 2019 Sept 2021
Data Protection  Data Protection Policy School Business Manager May 2019 May 2020
Use of Images Policy School Business Manager May 2019 May 2020
Freedom of Information Policy School Business Manager July 10 2019 May 2020
Records Management Policy Records Management Policy School Business Manager July 2019 May 2020
Model Publication Scheme Model Publication Scheme School Business Manager May 2018 June 2020
Pupil Privacy Notices Privacy Notices Admin Assistant July 2019 July 2020
School Information on Website Technician
School Complaints  Complaints Policy Headteacher May 2019 May 2020
Managing Serial & Unreasonable Complaints Headteacher May 2019 May 2020
Staffing and Human Resources
Staff Capability Capability Policy Headteacher Mar 2019 Oct 2020
Equality & Diversity in Employment Equality & Diversity in Employment Policy WSCC
Discipline, Conduct & Grievance  Discipline Policy WSCC & Headteacher July 10th 2019 May 2021
Staff Code of Conduct Headteacher Dec 2018 July 2020
Grievance Policy Feb 2017 Mar 2021
Staff Use of Mobile Phones School Business Manager Jan 2020 Jan 2022
Staff Acceptable Use Policy School Business Manager
Grievance Form WSCC
Driving Policy Driving Policy
SCR Confidential Document  On-going On-going
Statement of Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Abuse against Staff Sussex Child Protection Procedures
Teacher's Pay Policy Pay Policy School Business Manager Dec 2018 Oct 2020
Redundancy Policy Redundancy Policy School Business Manager Sept 2018 Sept 2020
Safer Recruitment Policy Safer Recruitment Policy May 2019 May 2020
Volunteers Policy & Agreements Volunteer's Pack; Policy, Application & Agreements Jan 2020 Jan 2021
Pupil Well Being and Safeguarding
Accessibility Plan Accessibility Policy May 2019 May 2022
Anti-Bullying Policy Anti-Bullying Policy Mar 2018 Mar 2021
Child Protection & Procedures Child Protection Policy
Children with Needs who cannot attend school
DSL & previously LAC Child Looked After Policy Mar 2018 Mar 2021
E-Safety E-Safety Policy Feb 2019 Feb 2021
EYFS Policies Early Years Policy Feb 2020 Feb 2023
Intimate Care Policy Intimate Care Policy Inclusion Manager/SENDCo Oct 2019 Sept 2022
Keeping Children Safe in Education Keeping Children Safe in Education   Sept 2019 Sept 2020
Special Educational Needs   SEN Information Report
SEN Policy
Disability Policy
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Medicines in School WSCC & SBM Dec 2019 Dec 2020
Sex and Relationships Education
Sex and Relationship Education SRE Policy May 2018 May 2021
Teaching and Learning 
Behaviour Policy Behaviour Policy Sept 2019 Sept 2022
Behaviour Policy App 2 Protocol Steps
Behaviour Policy App 3 Celebrating Success
Behaviour Principles Written Statement
Curriculum Statement Curriculum Statement
Vision Statement Vision Statement
Educational Visits Educational Visits (LoTC) WSCC & SBM March 2019 Sept 2020
Homework Policy Homework Policy May 2019 May 2021
Handwriting Policy Handwriting Policy July 2019 May 2021
Guidelines for Handwriting App1
Handwriting Posture & Pencil Grip App2
Feedback & Marking Feedback & Marking Policy May 2019 May 2021
Home-School Agreement Home-School Agreement May 2019 Summer 2020
Emergency Plan Emergency Plan Oct 2019 Oct 2020
Health & Safety Health & Safety Policy WSCC & SBM July 2019 May 2019
First Aid First Aid Policy Sept 2018 Sept 2020
Premises Management Documents
Site Security Site Security Policy May 2019 May 2020
Equality Information & Objectives Statement Equality Policy March 2019 March 2021
Governor's Allowances Governor Expenses Policy May 2018 May 2021
Instrument of Government
Register of Business Interests Pecuniary Interests Policy Clerk Sept 2019 Sept 2020
Privacy Notices  Privacy Notice Volunteers & Governors  Clerk Sept 2019 Sept 2020
Whistle Blowing Confidential Reporting WSCC & SBM Sept 2019 Sept 2020
Lettings & ASC Policy After School Clubs & Lettings Policy Feb 2018 Nov 2019