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Design Technology

At Lyminster we believe Design Technology (D.T.) stimulates creativity and imagination through problem solving and the production of quality products. We believe that it should be taught as an individual subject but with a cross curricular emphasis so that it links to other areas of learning e.g. Science- making a model that uses an electrical circuit.  Using creativity and imagination, pupils will design and make models and products in a range of contexts. As well as learning a range of subject knowledge, including cookery, design and technology will allow pupils to become resourceful, innovative and enterprising plus practise other skills such as measuring and reading and writing instructions. Pupils will evaluate the past and present use of D.T., develop an understanding of the practical impact of the subject on the modern world and, of course evaluate their own products, making changes as they go. Progression in D.T will be assessed through work completed in pupils books, displays, written work and photographic evidence.‚Äč


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