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Lyminster Primary School

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At Lyminster we have invested a great deal of funding into computing and IT provision. It is our aim to familiarise the children with all aspects of modern technology and prepare them for the role that IT will play in their future lives. We work to develop the children into e-safe, e-inspired and e-confident users through the embedding of computing across the curriculum.
We have a wide variety of computing equipment. All classrooms, the hall, the oasis and the group room are fitted with interactive whiteboards, which children are encouraged to use under supervision. We have a wide variety of software and apps which the children have access to via the internet such as Times Table Rockstars and Scratch, which can be easily accessed from home. All of which enable the teaching and embedding of skills such as internet use, word processing, publishing, animation, music creation and video editing. Each class has a dedicated bank of laptops, there are enough laptops in school for each child to have their own device when needed.
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